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MobAppz.com was founded in 2011 by Entrepreneur David Ashforth, a British expatriate now living in San Francisco, California.

The Mobile Revolution is growing and expanding faster than ever before. There are already tens of millions of Smartphone owners in the USA and that figure gets larger with every passing day.

MobAppz.com was founded to give small and medium enterprieses a quick, inexpensive and easy entry onto the mobile platform - which will soon become the number 1 access point to the internet, surpassing the home computer. Companies that capitalize on this now will be way ahead of their competition and will have their products and services in front of some of the wealthiest and savviest consumers in the United States.

MobAppz.com was built to tackle the tough challenges that businesses face when going mobile, our constant focus when building the platform was to KEEP IT SIMPLE! So a mobile app website could be created by the most overtly technophobic.