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Take a deep breath and get ready to discover an amazing opportunity to make massive affiliate commissions from the hottest trend affecting over 22.6 million small business owners across the USA.

Here’s what this is all about...

At Mob Appz we provide America’s number one solution to small businesses that lets business owners profit from the mobile communications revolution.

We provide business owners with the easiest and most-effective mobile website creation software that enables them to be found by the 63.2 million people searching, every day, for products and services, using mobile search on their smartphones.

Secondly, we provide unlimited text messages broadcasts to customers and subscribers which helps businesses dramatically boost their profits.

In short, we provide everything needed to generate bumper profits from mobile marketing.

The Massive Affiliate Opportunity!

To maximize our reach and get our amazing service to as many small business owners as possible we’ve set-up an in-house affiliate programme.

Our affiliate programme offers one of the most generous commission structures ever seen in the industry and gives you the chance to multiply your affiliate earnings!

For every sign-up you make you get paid $200.

$200 Upfront Cash Commission Structure!

Suppose you were to make 15 sales/month. That means you would earn $3000.

If you continued at that rate - then after 12 months - you would have earned $36,000 in upfront commissions.

We Make It Incredibly Easy For You To Succeed!

Here’s some of the steps we’ve taken to help you make as much money as possible:

  • Amazing Conversion Rate - The Mob Appz website has been custom-written and custom-designed by an outstanding freelance copywriter and a top-notch direct-response graphics artist. This, plus constant split-testing, guarantees amazing conversion rates when you send targeted traffic.
  • Killer Promo Tools - We provide you with an awesome selection of banners (animated and static), text links and email copy. Everything is tested and optimized to ensure you get the highest conversion rate possible. We also provide offline flyers and brochures that have your tracking ID embedded.
  • Online + Offline Promotion - Mob Appz Affiliate Programme helps you to promote both online and offline to generate maximum affiliate profits. There are over 22.6 Million small businesses in America that are perfectly suited to this service. BIG opportunity!
  • Guaranteed Tracking Solution - Mob Appz Affiliate Programme uses the number one tracking solution in the affiliate industry to ensure you are credited for each and every sale you make.
  • Fantastic Affiliate Support - Mob Appz gives you unparalleled affiliate support to ensure that any help you need is given to you as quickly as possible.

This is a fantastic opportunity for any affiliate who wants to earn very generous commissions, promoting a great product, in a HUGE market.

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