App Features

  • Works Perfectly On ALL Smartphones!
  • Easier To Update Than Facebook!
  • Automatically Builds a List of Your Customers!

"17 AWESOME App Features That Make
Mob Appz The Complete Solution!"

Dear Business Owner,

Here are the amazing features you get with Mob Appz:

     'Share This App' Feature - People love to recommend places they go to - shops, restaurants, salons - that they like. With your customers recommending your company, your business will grow. This feature turns your customers into a cost-free sales force.
   Fully-Optimized for all Mobiles! - When you create your mobile App using Mob Appz it will automatically be fully-optimized for mobile search and smartphone use. Your website will look great and your customers will be able to navigate it with ease.
Easier To Use Than Facebook! - Mob Appz is incredibly easy to use. In fact it's so simple, that if you can upload a photo and write a few lines of text, then you can create an awesome mobile App to promote your business. No coding knowledge is needed and creating the pages you want is as simple as filling in the blanks!
Super Fast Loading Times! - Your website is programmed to load faster than 95% of other websites. We live in a fast-moving world and visitors to your App will want to quickly find the information they require.
Works Perfectly On ALL Smartphones! - Mob Appz software solution ensures that your mobile website works perfectly on 100% of smartphones available in the USA today. This gives you maximum coverage and maximum chance of making sales.
Google Maps Integration! - Our software integrates with Google Maps to display your location and give directions, so people can find you.
Tap-To-Email!- Visitors on your Mobile App simply tap on the email address to send a message to your business. What could be simpler?
Tap-To-Call! - Visitors on your mobile App simply have to tap on the phone number to place a call to your business, this makes it very easy for your customers to contact you!
Completely Customizable! - Not only is Mob Appz incredibly easy to use but it's also completely customizable. Decide how your App should look, how much information it should display, and much, much more with complete freedom using our software.
Hosting Included! - When you sign-up to use our mobile marketing tools, we include premium-quality hosting.
24/7 on Your Customer's Phone! - Your Apps icon is on your customers' smartphone 24/7 which means they are constantly reminded of your business.
Built-In Social Networking! - Special section to include your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and any other of your social networking sites so you can be found by your customers and subscribers on these channels.
Easy Subscriber Registration! - Awesome feature which lets your visitors easily subscribe using both phone number and email address and provides you with a database of your customers details.
Product and Service Showcase! - Showcase your products and services to keep your customers fully informed.
Share Your Business Photos! - Upload photos of your business and your staff to build a personal connection with your visitors and customers!
Beautiful Website Headers For Free! - Our graphics artists create beautiful website headers for free when you sign-up to Mob Appz. We work from your current branding/images and create something that matches your existing business!