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7 Reason Why Mob Appz is the Best

App Builder in the Industry!

Recent research shows why it is absolutely essential to have an Mobile Website or App for your business. With 63.2 million people in the highest income-brackets using a Smartphone on a daily basis across America you are committing marketing suicide if you don’t have an App.

As a smart business owner you already realize this, otherwise, you wouldn’t have arrived at this page searching for information about Mobile App Builders.

At this moment you may be weighing up your options before make the decision about which Mobile App Builder to go with.

Let me share with you 7 powerful reasons why Mob Appz is the number one mobile app builder in the industry:

Reason #1 - Easier To Use Than Facebook!


Just one of the ways Mob Appz outshines the competition is by how easy it is to use. If you can write a few lines of text and upload a photo, then that is all you need to create a stunning, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art mobile App to promote your business.

Reason #2 - No Coding Knowledge Needed!


Most of our competitors’ App templates require some knowledge of coding. This is difficult and complicated, and often requires hiring someone to help you. We’ve designed Mob Appz so that you don’t need to write a single line of code.


Reason #3 - Social Network Integration!


The mobile world is now more integrated than ever. Mob Appz lets you completely integrate your mobile App with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and any other social networking site you want.


Reason #4 - Complete Customization!


Creating the Mobile App exactly how you want is effortless with Mob Appz. Our flexible, customizable template is truly ‘plug and play’ and allows you to create a fantastic App that looks and performs exactly to your heart’s desire!


Reason #5 - Beautiful Header Graphics For Your App!


When you sign-up our Graphics Artists will create beautiful header graphics that appears at the top of your App pages. We will work from your original branding/imaging and produce App graphics that match your business exactly and are perfectly optimized for your App!


Reason #6 - Free Unlmited Text Broadcast Messages


As a bonus, you get unlimited text broadcast messages, to your customers and subscribers. This is a fully-integrated feature and means you can harness the complete power of mobile marketing from one single dashboard. Other companies charge upto $900/month for this feature. You get it for free with Mob Appz!


Reason #7 - The Best Value For Money


Mob Appz is incredibly good value - coming in at under $50/month. You get free unlimited text message broadcasts, free hosting, free graphics design from our graphics artists and the best mobile App builder on the market. It’s an unbeatable deal!

Sign-up today and start using the best Mobile App Builder available to build your business!