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7 Reasons Why Mob Appz is the Best App Builder in the Industry!

Recent research shows why it is absolutely essential to have an Mobile Website or App for your business. With 63.2 million people in the highest income-brackets using a Smartphone on a daily basis across America you are committing marketing suicide if you don’t have an App. As a smart business owner you already realize this, otherwise, you wouldn’t have arrived at this page searching for information about Mobile App Builders. At this moment you may be weighing up your options before make the decision about which Mobile App Builder to go with.

The Incredible Power of Having Your App Permanently on Your Customers Phone!

How would you like to have your customers constantly reminded of your business literally 50-100 times every single day? The good news is now you can by creating your own App which sits on the screen of your customers’ Mobile Phones. It really is a marketing dream come true. You see, people who have a smartphone constantly check it to see if they have any new messages, any missed calls, what the times is, what’s on their to-do-list, etc. And what do they do every time they check their smartphone? Naturally, they always look at the front screen.

Rapid Application Development Secrets!

Right now, as we speak, the Mobile Revolution is growing and expanding faster than ever before. There are already tens of millions of Smartphone owners in the USA and that figure gets larger with every passing day. In a few short years, the Smartphone will become the number one point of access to the Internet, surpassing the Home Computer. To take advantage of this seismic shift in communications technology you need to have a dedicated App created for your business. With a dedicated App promoting your business 24/7 on your customers’ phones and providing them with vital information about your business you can guarantee a HUGE boost to your profits.

The Amazing Growth in Mobile Advertising!

One of the most amazing changes happening in the world of marketing is the huge, exponential growth in money spent on Mobile Advertising. In exactly the same way as happened in the first decade of the 21st century with Internet advertising, Mobile advertising is now set to explode and become one of the main methods that companies across the world advertise their products and services. In 2006, the amount of money spent on Mobile advertising in the USA stood at $421 Million. Just one year later, in 2007, that figure stood at $2.8 Billion. That’s a staggering 665% increase in a single 12 month period. The rate of growth continues to press forward at lightening speed.

How to Be Successful in Mobile Marketing!

The Mobile Marketing Revolution is taking place right now as we speak. Smart business owners are watching their profits soar as they use the right technology and strategies to maximize their reach and revenues with Mobile communication. However, virtually every business involved with Mobile Marketing is leaving at least some money on the table and 95% are letting a TON of profit slip through their fingers.
In this article we look at what you can do to be successful with Mobile Marketing and maximize your profits from this amazing growing trend.