• 100% Free For Unlimited Messages To Unlimited Subscribers!
  • 13 Times More Effective Than Email!
  • Explode The Profits of Your Business With FREE Unlimited Texts To Your Customers And Subscribers!

Explode The Profits of Your Business With FREE Unlimited Texting

Unlimited Free Texts To Your Customers And Subscribers...

There has never been an easier way...

  • To keep in touch with your customers
  • To send special promotions or up-coming sales events
  • To nudge and remind them about a new product
  • To thank your customers for their business
  • To keep your business constantly in the minds of your customers...

...Than The Amazing Power of FREE Text Broadcasts!

When you sign-up to MobAppz you get instant access to one of the most powerful marketing weapons of the Mobile Revolution - Text Broadcasts... completely free!

Other companies charge as much as $900/month for this exact feature...

...You get it for free when you sign-up to MobAppz!

This great feature allows you to write a few lines of text, push the send button and generate a flood of customers to your business almost instantly.

7 Awesome Ways Free TEXTING Boosts Your Business!
(Example: Pizza Restaurant Business)

1 Coupon Marketing: Send a coupon to your customers to let them know that for the next 24 hours there is 50% off their first slice of Pizza.
2 Viral Marketing: Send a text to your customers and let them know that, if they bring along a friend, they can "Buy One Pizza and Get One Free!". When the friend comes along, to redeem the offer, get them to sign-up to your text offers. This virally grows your business!
3 Provide Tips and Useful Information: Send regular tips on how to cook tastier, more authentic Italian Food. This keeps you in the minds of your customers and builds trust, making it more likely they will come to your restaurant to eat.
4 Thank-You Messages: Send thank-you messages by text to your customers to say thank-you for their business and that you look forward to them coming back!
5 Make Announcements: Announce to your customers - via text message - that you've created an amazing new Pizza topping and that they can come in today and be amongst the first to try it. Guaranteed to boost sales!
6 Today's Specials: Notify your customers of today's specials. The more exposure your customers have to your business, the more profit you make - it's as simple as that!
7 Send Reminders: Remind your customers of events and schedules. People have busy lives and can easily forget about things. Send a friendly text reminder and make sure as many people as possible turn-up!

What's even better about this feature is that...

It Is Incredibly Easy To Use!

It doesn't matter how many customers/subscribers you have...

All you have to do is log-in, write your message one-time and press send.

The software will then automatically send your text to all your customers and subscribers.

It's incredibly simple and easy.

What's more...

It doesn't matter if you have 500 subscribers or 5000 subscribers or even 5,000,000(!)...

The price of this service will always be the same...

100% Free For Unlimited Messages To Unlimited Subscribers!

Another great feature of our text service is that it has TOTAL coverage.

Simply put, it is supported by ALL Mobile Carriers in the USA!

This includes Alltel, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Boost, Immix, Nextel, Metro PCs, Cricket, TracFone, nTelos, Rural Cellular, Suncom, Unicel, US Cellular, CellCom, Cellular South, East Kentucky Network, Virgin Mobile, and many, many more.

13 Times More Effective Than Email!

  • 97% of text marketing messages are opened.
  • 80% of text marketing messages are opened within an hour.
  • Less than 10% of email marketing messages are opened at all.
  • If you want to explode your business profits and crush your
    competition then it's absolutely vital you start taking advantage of
    text marketing.
  • Sign-up to MobAppz and get started today - absolutely free!