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How to be Successful in Mobile Marketing!


The mobile marketing revolution is taking place right now as we speak.

Smart business owners are watching their profits soar as they use the right technology and strategies to maximize their reach and revenues with mobile communication.

However, virtually every business involved with mobile marketing is leaving at least some money on the table and 95% are letting a TON of profit slip through their fingers.

In this article we look at what you can do to be successful with mobile marketing and maximize your profits from this amazing growing trend.

Firstly, it is absolutely essential that you have a mobile website optimized for mobile search. 63.2 million people across the USA search every day using smartphones. Normal websites don’t format properly and are painfully slow to load. A mobile website fixes these problems and makes sure your business can be found on-the-move!

Secondly, you definitely need to have a mobile App for your customers to put on their smartphones. Your mobile App will sit on the front screen of your smartphone and be seen by your customers up to one hundred times every day. This is amazing free advertising and also lets your customers check out your business any time they want with a single click.

Thirdly, you need to put in place an text message strategy for staying in touch with and informing your customers and subscribers. text message marketing has been proven to be extraordinarily effective; in fact, recent studies show it to be 13 times more effective than email. This is because 97% of text messages are opened, with 80% opened within an hour.

Text message broadcasts allows you to send messages to your subscribers and customers to inform them of special offers, opening times, coupons, product launches and much more. It is highly effective and an essential part of any mobile marketing strategy.

Lastly, it is vital to combine these 3 different strategies together. By combining them the overall effectiveness is vastly greater than just using one on its own.

Mob Appz provides a complete set of integrated tools that lets you combine these 3 amazingly powerful strategies using a single solution.

Check it out today and get ready to watch your bottom line explode with the power of Mobile Marketing!