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Mobile Marketing Trends!

It's no secret Mobile Marketing is the fastest, most-effective method for communicating with your customers and subscribers.

There's no other method on the planet that gives you instant 24/7 access to your customers and subscribers... and... is guaranteed to get their attention, like Mobile Marketing.

In the next few minutes let me share with you some of the hottest Mobile Marketing Trends that give savvy business owners like you, the chance to dominate your competition and generate profit windfalls larger than you ever thought possible!

The Extraordinary Growth of the Smartphone...

One of the Mobile Marketing Trends that presents the biggest opportunity for your business is the staggering growth in Smartphone ownership across the US.

Between 2007 and 2009 Smartphone ownership rose by nearly 300%.

In 2011 industry analysts predict Smartphones are going to outsell Cellphones.

As of December 2010, in the USA, 63.2 million people already own a Smartphone.

These 63.2 million people represent the highest-earning, highest-spending demographic in the country. In other words, exactly the type of clients your business needs to attract if you are to maximize your profits.

63.2 Million People Searching For Products and Services!

Everyday these people use Mobile Search on their Smartphones to find products and services Increasingly they don't even use the Internet at home.

They're searching on Mobile Search for all kinds of things...

Like restaurants to eat in... shops to buy clothes... repair garages to get their car fixed... organic food sellers to buy vegetables... hotels to stay the night... bakeries to buy a wedding cake... the best shiatsu massage in town... a gym to get themselves back into shape...

And the list goes on!

The reason why this Mobile Marketing Trend gives you such a massive opportunity is because 95% of Businesses don't have a Mobile-Website optimized for Mobile Search.

This means their website doesn't format properly, takes ages to load and basically provides a terrible user experience for people using Mobile Search.

In other words...

It means their website can not be found by 62.3 Million People searching on the move... and... they are kissing goodbye to a TON of business!

And that's not all...

You see, when looking at Mobile Marketing Trends there is another statistic that really stands out and underlines why you must take advantage of all the tools on offer if you want to make as much money as possible from the Mobile Marketing Revolution...

SMS Marketing Is 1300% More Effective Than Email!

Recent studies have shown that less than 10% of marketing messages sent by email are actually opened.

Compare that to the amazing success rates of SMS marketing...

Where 97% of text marketing messages are opened, with 80% of messages opened within less than an hour.

That makes SMS Marketing 13 Times more effective than Email!

Mob Apps gives you all the tools you need make maximum profit from each and every one of the Mobile Marketing Trends taking place in today's fast-paced digital world:

You can quickly and easily create a Mobile-Website that looks great and is fully-optimized for Mobile Search on every type of Smartphone device.

You can send unlimited text messages to your customers and subscribers.

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