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The Incredible Power of Having Your App

Permantly on Your Customer Phones!


How would you like to have your customers constantly reminded of your business literally 50-100 times every single day?

The good news is now you can by creating your own App which sits on the screen of your customers’ Mobile Phones.

It really is a marketing dream come true. You see, people who have a smartphone constantly check it to see if they have any new messages, any missed calls, what the times is, what’s on their to-do-list, etc.

And what do they do every time they check their smartphone?

Naturally, they always look at the front screen.

And why is this so brilliant?

That’s because every time they look at the screen of their smartphone they always see your App, which resides permanently on the front screen of their smartphone.

Because your App Icon is created using your business branding and images this exposure is like getting free advertising every single day and greatly increases the frequency they will purchase products and services from your business.

What’s also fantastic is that your business is never more than one click away from your customer. Suppose they want to find out what your opening times are, if you have any special offers today, or the directions to get to your business. Just one click one their smartphone gives them all the information they need on your Mobile Website - pretty awesome, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Another huge benefit of having a Mobile App on people’s phones is that, in 99% of cases, they go everywhere with the person 24/7. The same can not be said for computers or any other communication medium. That means that they will always be able to find information about your business at the exact moment they want it.

Having a Mob App on people’s phones is so powerful because you become like a trusted friend to them, just like all the friends they have on their phone. This increase in trust and daily visibility virtually guarantees you will get more business from the customer.

In fact, you could say there has never been a more powerful marketing tool than a Mobile App for your business... and... with the HUGE growth in smartphone ownership that importance is only going to increase.

Now is the time to have your own Mob App dedicated to your business being seen dozens of time daily by thousands of your customers.

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